Identity Protection

Identity theft is vulnerable these days and can happen to anyone. Guarding the privacy of your identity while online is critical aspect. At this age of data, all crucial sensitive data information is a valuable commodity. In your personal life, your passwords, online purchases, online banking, and other transactions must be protected retaining its privacy. Security is the key factor for all your personal, financial, and other significant information while handling online transactions. Learning how to protect mission-critical information and your identity is imperative factor, today.

Is someone using your personal information to open accounts, file taxes, or make purchases?

1 in every 4 people experience identity theft. As per statistics each year approximately 15 million US residents suffer their identities theft, used fraudulently resulting to financial losses of $50 billion approximately.

In case you are concerned about data breaches and like to protect yourself from identity theft, then you must consider signing up low-cost identity theft protection services of Bright-Circle Technical support Services. Our services are one-stop resource and solution to help you protect and recover from identity theft. Our vigilant monitoring and recovery services shield your personal information from getting stolen.

Protection from Data Breach and Recovery of Lost Data Files

Did you ever got an alert indicating that a company or an individual user has lost significant information in a data breach? Did you learn that an online account or other necessary details was hacked? Bright-Circle protect you from such breaches, identity theft, also shield you from the loss of information. We don’t just alert you to identify theft, we practice fixing it.

Shielding Your Identity

Several organizations keep mission-critical sensitive information in their data files or on the computing devices. What you can do to keep your sensitive info secure? Are identity protection services worth the cost? What about credit freezes? Check out the Bright-Circle’s identity theft resource for Individual Users and Businesses. Our data security resources are for the individual user and small businesses. For assisting Identity Theft Victims, our dedicated support team provide the required remedies and other useful resources.