Data Protection

Data is a strategic asset. To protect sensitive data adequately, users must be vigilant about how to manage and protect data file. Improper managed data becomes a significant liability, as it may compromise user's identity or potentially undermines the security of the information. Also, inappropriate handling of the information may result in penalties, financial losses, identity theft, invasion of privacy, or unauthorized access. Hence, the practice of regular backup and archiving of data is essential for every user, “Data Backup” mainly for “Data Recovery” and “Data Archiving” for “Preserving the Data”.

To protect data privacy and avert data loss, user can always subscribe to Bright-Circle technical support and services to seek secure practice.

Our No DATA LOSS feature and customer-oriented services practices the following :

As backup contains minimum single copy of all data files, considered worth saving, the data storage requisitions can be significant. Hence, a data repository model has to be used to provide structure to the storage devices, that can be arranged to provide geographic redundancy, portability, and data security. Data are selected, extracted and then manipulated before transferring to respective storage locations.

For us data security is fundamental

Identify data files on your computer, network, laptop computers and wireless devices which needs to be backed up and archived along with other hard copy records and information. Such plan must include regularly routine scheduled backups from wireless devices, laptop computers and desktop computers to a network server. Backing up hard copy important records can be attained by scanning paper records into digital formats and permitting them to be backed up along with other digital data.

Plan Proactively

Our tools work upon a security plan to review your data security in routine. Our services create a process to access and manage your data, ensuring data safety as well as data archiving, this assures No DATA LOSS. With our proactive measure, we shield you from a data loss or data breaches.

Making you aware

We ensure data security by spreading awareness among the users regarding the level of protection and the classification of the data like, SSNs, credit card numbers, bank accounts, health information, driving license, student information, donors, prospective student information, etc., such that the confidentiality and safety of the data can be safeguarded.

Scale the data

Classify the regular sensitive information for routine operations, safely archiving and removing older data from all computers and other related devices (smart phones, drives, laptops, flash external hard disks).

Location Tracking

All the passwords in the world cannot get your device back if the device itself is stolen. Bright-Circle services can help you in tracing the stolen device, and provision of routine back up assures data availability, in the event of loss.